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03:00 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9098: Indent heredoc against the left margin by default when "indented closing identifie...
What do you mean? Isn't the number of spaces a tab is equivalent to only relevant when the first line is indented wit...


03:57 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10552: [PATCH] Add Enumerable#frequencies and Enumerable#relative_frequencies
Personally, I'd prefer the form `Enumerable#count_by` with a block, as this method seems very similar to `group_by` i...


10:33 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10460: Segfault instead of stack level too deep
Ran into this issue today when I accidentally created a stack overflow in my RSpec tests:
* ruby 2.1.5p273 (2014-1...


07:23 PM Ruby trunk Feature #7793: New methods on Hash
"repair"? Hehe, yeah that's kind of an unfortunate coincidence.
The thing I really like about Option 4's `graph` a...


01:56 PM Ruby trunk Feature #7793: New methods on Hash
Below is a summary of the different naming proposals so far in this thread, with links to the documentation for real-...


08:40 PM Ruby trunk Feature #9108: Hash sub-selections
My personal preference would be for `Hash#select(*args)` and `Hash#reject(*args)`, but if we *really* must maintain b...


06:18 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4276: Allow use of quotes in symbol syntactic sugar for hashes
Yukihiro Matsumoto wrote:
> I am not against the idea, but I want to make sure that key will be symbol,
Yes, I be...


03:39 PM Ruby trunk Feature #7792: Make symbols and strings the same thing
So now that Symbol GC is implemented (#9634), does that change anything about the viability of this proposal?
03:27 PM Ruby trunk Feature #7791: Let symbols be garbage collected
Yes, this is a duplicate of [9634](


03:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9954: Unexpected Hash Modification and Segmentation Fault with Named Arguments
Hmm... that doesn't really seem like the same issue (it has totally different symptoms from what I described here) bu...

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