jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)




04:03 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14912: Introduce pattern matching syntax
I don't have anything specific to say about this particular proposal, I just want to point out that a lot of people h...
03:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14652: ruby -e "p ARGV" **/* is reasonably but slow
sanae (Sanae Artoria) wrote:
> ~~~ ruby
> C:\Users\Administrator>ruby -e "p ARGV" **/*
> ~~~
> Runs slow ...
03:16 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14541: Class variables have broken semantics, let's fix them
Hanmac (Hans Mackowiak) wrote:
> @Eregon: the problem is the other way around ...
> a class variable in a super...
03:10 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14423: Enumerator from single object
[Oops. I didn't see #14781.]
The general version of this method is the category-theoretical dual of a `fold` (call...
01:44 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14164: [Suggestion] Type system for ruby 3x to be usable for e. g. rubocop or autogenerating crystal code and so forth
I feel that most discussions about "type systems" or "types" for Ruby suffer from a serious lack of unambiguous defin...


09:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12589: VM performance improvement proposal
vmakarov (Vladimir Makarov) wrote:
> For example, GCC/LLVM optimizes well int->fixnum->int->... conversions but they...
01:55 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14069: Document order of elements in Set
*Is* that actually guaranteed by the specification? Can you point to any specification or documentation or official s...
01:50 AM Ruby trunk Misc #13968: [Ruby 3.x perhaps] - A (minimal?) static variant of ruby
Just to make sure I understand what you are talking about, when you write "Ruby", do you *really* mean "Ruby", or do ...


12:53 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12115: Add Symbol#call to allow to_proc shorthand with arguments
knu (Akinori MUSHA) wrote:
> Wouldn't Array#to_proc make sense?
> ```ruby
> class Array
> def to_proc
> ...


07:01 PM Ruby trunk Feature #10548: remove callcc (Callcc is now going obsoleted. Please use Fiber.)
jphelps (Jeremy Phelps) wrote:
> I just learned that Ruby has continuations. Then I learned that they're considered ...

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