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10:00 PM Ruby master Feature #14164: [Suggestion] Type system for ruby 3x to be usable for e. g. rubocop or autogenerating crystal code and so forth
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) wrote:
> Crystal is in many ways similar to ruby;
It really isn't. I don't know where...
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)
09:34 PM Ruby master Feature #14399: Add Enumerable#product
jzakiya (Jabari Zakiya) wrote:
> That's interesting because I never intuitively understood the use of `inject`
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)
09:10 PM Ruby master Feature #14781: Enumerator.generate
zverok (Victor Shepelev) wrote:
> > However, literally as I am writing this, a thought pops into my mind: how about ...
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)
08:06 PM Ruby master Feature #14781: Enumerator.generate
zverok (Victor Shepelev) wrote:
> This is alternative proposal to `Object#enumerate` (#14423), which was considered ...
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)
08:46 PM Ruby master Feature #14701: If the object is not frozen, I want to be able to redefine the compound assignment operator.
It is possible to find sane semantics for this. [Scala]( jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)
07:43 PM Ruby master Feature #14967: Any type
baweaver (Brandon Weaver) wrote:
> In Scala, there's the concept of an Any type which can be used to match anything....
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)


01:14 PM Ruby master Feature #15563: #dig that throws an exception if an key doesn't exist
shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) wrote:
> I have no particular pro or con against the feature itself as such; I myself do...
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)


09:10 AM Ruby master Feature #14145: Proposal: Better Method#inspect
guilhermereiscampos (Guilherme Reis Campos) wrote:
> zverok (Victor Shepelev) wrote:
> > ```ruby
> > # We can't ex...
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)


04:03 PM Ruby master Feature #14912: Introduce pattern matching syntax
I don't have anything specific to say about this particular proposal, I just want to point out that a lot of people h... jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)
03:26 PM Ruby master Bug #14652: ruby -e "p ARGV" **/* is reasonably but slow
sanae (Sanae Artoria) wrote:
> ~~~ ruby
> C:\Users\Administrator>ruby -e "p ARGV" **/*
> ~~~
> Runs slow ...
jwmittag (Jörg W Mittag)

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