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07:12 PM ruby-trunk Bug #9754: Ruby refuses to run source with Mutex locks though there is no hazard..
A Mutex is not reentrant.
This deadlocks:
m =
m.synchronize {}
So does this:


07:04 AM ruby-trunk Bug #9121: [PATCH] Remove rbtree implementation of SortedSet due to performance regression
As noted at
These benchmarks miss the point of using ...


07:46 AM ruby-trunk Feature #6373: public #self
Another argument against #identity: it is used by several libraries for something completely different. For e...


02:43 PM ruby-trunk Bug #8374 (Closed): race condition when two threads require a gem
Requiring a gem with a C extension seems to be not threadsafe.
Any one of the require lines below will fre...


08:06 AM ruby-trunk Feature #8128: New primitives for Rinda::TupleSpace
You are right: it is best to leave these extensions out of trunk. I can maintain them separately.
However, some cl...


08:00 AM ruby-trunk Feature #8128 (Rejected): New primitives for Rinda::TupleSpace
= New primitives for Rinda::TupleSpace
This issue proposes adding two new primitives to TupleSpace for a...
02:21 AM ruby-trunk Bug #8125 (Closed): lost-tuple bug and fix for Rinda::TupleSpaceProxy.take
Rinda::TupleSpaceProxy prevents tuple loss during #take by exposing a "port" object on the client that the ...


06:13 AM ruby-trunk Feature #8119 (Closed): more efficient version of Rinda::TupleSpaceProxy.take
The purpose of Rinda::TupleSpaceProxy is to avoid losing tuples when a client disconnects during a #take ca...


04:15 PM ruby-trunk Feature #4985: Add %S[] support for making a list of symbols
Wondering idly if the following could be parsed...
:[foo bar]
Eh, maybe it's too inconsistent with % notation a...


02:17 AM ruby-trunk Feature #4649: Adding parallel constructors to Ruby 2.0
IMO this is not really about parallel computation, but about syntax and scope, and it can be solved without changing ...

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