Flameeyes (Diego Elio Pettenò)




08:49 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3698 (Closed): Building the readline extension against libedit will create a non-working extension
We're hitting a bug in Gentoo due to our adding further safety flags into our Ruby build: ruby 1.9.2_rc2 fail...
08:44 PM Ruby trunk Feature #3697 (Closed): [PATCH] Allow build of dbm extension with Berkeley DB 5.0 series (for 1.9.2_rc2)
This is the same issue as bug #3294 but with the patch for Ruby 1.9.2_rc2 rather than for 1.8.7, as the two ...


08:37 PM Ruby trunk Bug #2077 (Closed): Patch for issue 1337 is incomplete/does not work as intended
The patch in issue 1337 does not take into consideration data install, which also fails when using make -jN i...

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