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04:20 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14265 (Third Party's Issue): Possible bug in OpenSSL library
Duplicate of [Bug #12561]. Current versions of Ruby/OpenSSL raise an exception:
$ ruby a.rb
plaintext: 030fa889...


06:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14087 (Third Party's Issue): Program Crash when using openssl
Please note that OpenSSL::PKey::DH#public_key only copies the parameters, despite the name.
Still, it is a bug tha...


04:42 AM Ruby trunk Feature #6946 (Open): FIPS support?
(Removing assignee)
Can this be closed?
04:33 AM Ruby trunk Bug #11774 (Third Party's Issue): produces ArgumentError on invalid passphrases
04:32 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12904 (Rejected): Seg fault in openssl
I should be fixed by Ruby 2.3.2 if it was the same issue as [Bug #12292].
04:28 AM Ruby trunk Bug #12630 (Rejected): add gem sources errors on Ruby 2.4.0-preview1
04:27 AM Ruby trunk Bug #6227 (Closed): [mingw] openssl backport causing test error
04:26 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9817 (Closed): The extconf.rb for OpenSSL assumes MingW
04:20 AM Ruby trunk Feature #9642 (Third Party's Issue): Allow CCM as an authenticated encryption mode in OpenSSL::Cipher
Closing as per my comment in the corresponding GitHub Pull Request,
04:07 AM Ruby trunk Bug #6252 (Rejected): OpenSSL - ECDSA signature reliability

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