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12:24 AM Ruby trunk Revision 65139 (trunk): openssl: sync with upstream repository
Import current master (01b23fa8eee2) of ruby/openssl.git.


10:00 AM Ruby trunk Revision 64252 (trunk): net/http, net/ftp: skip SSL/TLS session resumption tests
Due to a bug in OpenSSL 1.1.0h[1] (it's only in this specific version;
it was introduced just before the release and ...


02:28 PM Ruby trunk Feature #14426 (Closed): [PATCH] openssl: reduce memory allocation in OpenSSL::Buffering#do_write
The patch is now in ruby/openssl (upstream)'s master branch and Ruby trunk.
For the record, the GitHub Pull Reques...
02:13 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64234 (trunk): net/http, net/ftp: fix session resumption with TLS 1.3
When TLS 1.3 is in use, the session ticket may not have been sent yet
even though a handshake has finished. Also, the...
02:13 PM Ruby trunk Revision 64233 (trunk): openssl: sync with upstream repository
Sync with the current tip of master branch, 62436385306c of
ruby/openssl.git. Changes can be found at:


02:32 PM Ruby trunk Bug #14882 (Third Party's Issue): OpenSSL::PKey::*.new does not resume after spurious signals
Thank you for the report. I made a GitHub PR that fixes the bug at the GitHub repo (add .patch to the URL for "git fo...


08:08 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14754 (Closed): Backport openssl v2.1.1 / v2.0.8
Ruby/OpenSSL 2.1.1 and 2.0.8 contain some bug fixes, including compatibility with LibreSSL 2.7.x.
07:33 AM Ruby trunk Revision 63406 (trunk): openssl: merge changes in v2.1.1
Commits in upstream repository since v2.1.0 can be found at:


04:20 AM Ruby trunk Bug #14265 (Third Party's Issue): Possible bug in OpenSSL library
Duplicate of [Bug #12561]. Current versions of Ruby/OpenSSL raise an exception:
$ ruby a.rb
plaintext: 030fa889...


08:19 AM Ruby trunk Revision 61277 (trunk): openssl: suppress report_on_exception warning
Import a commit from upstream:
33a67ac96492 test/utils: disable Thread's report_on_exception in start_server

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