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06:58 AM Ruby master Revision 364044e0 (git): [ruby/net-http] Do not require stringio
It is not used in net/http library code since commit 15ccd0118c13
(r36473 in ruby svn trunk, 2012).
require's in tes...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)


05:07 PM Ruby master Bug #17796 (Third Party's Issue): ruby does not compile with openssl-alpha14
Yes. Work for this is being tracked at: rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)


09:05 AM Ruby master Revision e2bf3659 (git): [ruby/openssl] pkcs7: keep private key when duplicating PKCS7_SIGNER_INFO
ASN1_dup() will not copy the 'pkey' field of a PKCS7_SIGNER_INFO object
by design; it is a temporary field kept until...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)


09:53 AM Ruby master Bug #17748: Ruby 3.0 takes a long time to resolv DNS of nonexistent domains
I was able to reproduce the issue on my Linux box and was digging into this. There actually seem to be two issues beh... rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)


01:30 PM Ruby master Revision e61e9bcf (git): test/openssl/test_config: skip tests for .include on older OpenSSL
The .include directive was initially added by OpenSSL 1.1.1, but the
syntax was later modified in 1.1.1b to improve c...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)
01:30 PM Ruby master Revision 44d67128 (git): test/openssl/test_cipher: skip AES-CCM tests on OpenSSL <= 1.1.1b
AES CCM mode in OpenSSL <= 1.1.1b was overly strict in the parameters
assignment order. This has been relaxed by Open...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)
10:37 AM Ruby master Revision 1eb6d8aa (git): [ruby/openssl] bn: check -1 return from BIGNUM functions
Although the manpage says that BIGNUM functions return 0 on error,
OpenSSL versions before 1.0.2n and current LibreSS...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)
10:37 AM Ruby master Revision a3f97007 (git): [ruby/openssl] test: adjust test cases for LibreSSL 3.2.4
LibreSSL 3.2.4 made the certificate verification logic back closer to
pre-3.2.2 one, which is more compatible with Op...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)
10:37 AM Ruby master Revision e35d3623 (git): [ruby/openssl] sample: avoid "include OpenSSL"
It is not a common practice and should not be done since it causes name
clash: for example, Digest and Random are pro...
rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)
10:37 AM Ruby master Revision 7f0b3fb9 (git): [ruby/openssl] sample: update obsolete API use rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi)

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