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Net::HTTP retries idempotent requests once after a timeout, but its not configurable

Added by jlecour (Jérémy Lecour) over 7 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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I've noticed that Net::HTTP retries idempotent requests once after a time-out. It seems to adhere to the RFC 2616 (, but it is not always the best thing to do.

When you don't know exactly how a remote web service works, it may be wise to retry after a time-out.
But when you know that a retry won't change anything, it should be possible to disable this automatic retry. Otherwise, the server will have to deal with 2 requests (instead of 1) and the client will effectively time-out twice later than expected (time for the first and second time-out).

Having a basic "#retry=" (like we have "#read_timeout=" or "#open_timeout" would be good first step.
The value could be a simple boolean, or even an integer for the maximum number of retries.

The "Retry" middleware in Faraday has a more comprehensive feature set with max retries, exponential back-off, … :

Updated by shulmang (Garett Shulman) over 6 years ago

I can confirm this exact behavior on 2.1.7

Updated by cben (Beni Cherniavsky-Paskin) about 5 years ago

Can confirm on 2.4.1.
The responsible code is here:
I'm thinking of making a simple patch adding a boolean "#retry=". Application or higher-level gems can then implement any retry logic...

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Applied in changeset trunk|r60035.

Make retries for Net::HTTP configurable [Feature #10674]

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