naruse (Yui NARUSE)





07:13 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58483 (trunk): suppress_warning


04:19 PM Ruby trunk Bug #12921 (Closed): Retrieve user and password for proxy from env
Applied in changeset trunk|r58461.
Allow Net::HTTP to fetch user/pass from http_proxy
Note that this fea...
04:19 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58461 (trunk): Allow Net::HTTP to fetch user/pass from http_proxy
Note that this feature is enabled only on environment variables are
multi-user safe. In this time the list includes L...
04:19 PM Ruby trunk Revision 58460 (trunk): suppress warning: shadowing outer local variable


06:05 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13488 (Rejected): Set Encoding.default_external to UTF-8 on Windows
Though it should be changed into UTF-8 in the future, I don't plan it in 2.5 too.
(If many people want to change, I ...


09:14 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13434: better method definition in C API
I agree with the concept.
From r55102, rb_scan_args is statically resolved by C compilers on some environment, rb_...


09:39 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13228 (Rejected): s[i]=c(assigning a character) for String is slower than Array on Linux
It's natural because String index access requires character counting.
If you need performance and the string is ASCI...
09:12 AM Ruby trunk Feature #13303: String#any? as !String#empty?
I want to use this with &.
Therefore String#empty? is not suitable.
It must returns false if it is empty.
Note t...
07:43 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13406 (Rejected): URI.parse
Unfortunately RFC3986 allows "'" in host.
authority = [ userinfo "@" ] host [ ":" port ]
host ...
07:34 AM Ruby trunk Feature #12886: URI#merge doesn't handle paths correctly
[URL Standard]( defines partially merging, but it is base (absolute URL) + relative as y...

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