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09:31 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13919: Add a new method to create Time instances from unix time and nsec
Following is a patch based on akr's API.
diff --git a/test/ruby/test_time.rb b/test/ruby/test_time.rb


02:02 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13163 (Assigned): Uncaught exceptions may not be reported when Thread#report_on_exception=true and Thread#abort_on_exception=true
Hmm, indeed this seems considered a bug.
@nobu Could you commit it?


05:00 PM Ruby trunk Feature #13896 (Closed): Find.find -> Use Dir.children instead of Dir.entries
Applied in changeset trunk|r59926.
Find.find -> Use Dir.children instead of Dir.entries
Dir.children is ...
05:00 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59926 (trunk): Find.find -> Use Dir.children instead of Dir.entries
Dir.children is available since Feature #11302.
Find.find can use of the new list (having no '.' neither '..' entries...
04:56 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59925 (trunk): Fix test code of kconv
patched by tbpgr <> fix GH-1696
04:53 PM Ruby trunk Revision 59923 (trunk): include query parameters in
patched by Samuel Giddins <> fix GH-1686
02:11 PM Ruby trunk Feature #5588 (Closed): add negation flag (v) to Regexp
06:53 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13900 (Closed): Segmentation fault - 2 different machines
As nobu wrote, this issue is already fixed.
You can avoid this by upgrading Ruby to 2.3.5 or 2.4.2.
06:18 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13892: Matching the end of a string followed by an empty greedy regex and a word boundary (.*\b) fails in all versions >= 1.9
As far as I understand, this is intentional behavior of Oniguruma (Onigmo), which Ruby uses.
How do you think, k-t...


09:21 AM Ruby trunk Bug #13895 (Closed): TestVMDump test fails on High Sierra
Applied in changeset trunk|r59893.
fix the case High Sierra's mincore(2) may return -128 [Bug #13895]

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