Bug #11374

crash when using{Tk.mainloop}

Added by tmbartaw (Tarek Bartaw) over 4 years ago. Updated 5 months ago.

Target version:


ServerTk2.rb crashed and core dumped when running this program
clientForkTk1.rb tested ok
please help


clientForkTk1.rb (1.75 KB) clientForkTk1.rb tmbartaw (Tarek Bartaw), 07/18/2015 08:11 PM
serverTk2.rb (3.79 KB) serverTk2.rb tmbartaw (Tarek Bartaw), 07/18/2015 08:12 PM
crash-log (32.6 KB) crash-log crash log of serverTk2.rb on Linux x86_64 + ActiveTcl8.6 nagai (Hidetoshi Nagai), 07/19/2015 08:56 AM
crash-log-with-DEBUG (205 KB) crash-log-with-DEBUG crash log with $DEBUG nagai (Hidetoshi Nagai), 07/19/2015 09:14 AM
no-crash-log-with-DEBUG (167 KB) no-crash-log-with-DEBUG log without abort nagai (Hidetoshi Nagai), 07/19/2015 09:15 AM


Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) over 4 years ago

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What's your platform and tcltk's version?

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) over 4 years ago

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serverTk2.rb just existed silently, on OSX 10.10.
Couldn't you show the dump message?

Updated by nagai (Hidetoshi Nagai) over 4 years ago

I add the crash-log of serverTk2.rb on Linux x86_64 (Vine Linux 6.3) + ActiveTcl8.6.2.0.

Updated by nagai (Hidetoshi Nagai) over 4 years ago

When set $DEBUG, sometimes crash and sometimes exit without an abort message.
I add logs of both cases.

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 5 months ago

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tk was removed in Ruby 2.4.

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