Bug #13373

FileUtils methods for copy, move and remove directories is not providing a decent error trace for letting know if it was success or fail

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Hello Guys

I found trying to create a simple logic for copying, renaming and removing big directories (form 1 to 4 GB size) on Ubuntu Linux, that the FileUtils Module, it is not able to provide a good error or exception mechanism, to let me know if the operation was performed or not. If there is any problem about permissions, size, processing with not enough resources, etc. I tryed to catch any error from using it with a begin rescue end block. But not sufficient or efficient way. I am also seeking if there is a thirdparty gem able to perform the work more safely.

Coud you please let me know if I can help on solving this issue?

Also the documentation do not include exceptions or errors that will be thrown by this Module.

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Could you tell us more details? Your sample code and acquired errors (or output).


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