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Net::SMTP open_message and send_message always require from_addr, *to_addrs

Added by stevej_vigilan (Steve Jorgensen) about 9 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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The open_message and send_message methods for Net::SMTP each require a from_addr argument and at least one to_addr argument in all cases, even though these values may already be contained in headers in the message stream.

This becomes an issue when, for instance, a batch of message streams has been written to .eml files, and we now just want to send them. Currently, we have to parse the headers of each message to retrieve the e-mail addresses to pass the values as argument to open_message or send_message.

I think the preferred behavior would be to have from_addr be an optional argument, and only check whether from_addr and to_addr values are needed after the message header lines have been read and found not to include the values.

(Sorry - I posed this first at before noticing the admonishment not to report bugs there)


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I don't consider it should be done in SMTP layer.
What you need is another higher layer library.

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