Feature #15781


Unify Method List Introspection?

Added by rbjl (Jan Lelis) over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Although Ruby has many core methods for retrieving the list of methods available to an object, or to the instances of a class, I believe they have gotten a little confusing (also see):

  • Object#methods and Module#instance_methods do not include private methods (at the same time they do include protected ones). There is already Object#public_methods (and Object#protected_methods) for distinguishing visibility scope , but no way to get all methods of an object.
  • There is the inconsistency that in most cases the argument being passed to *_methods methods let's you decide if you want to consider the inheritance chain, or not - But the prominent exception is Object#methods which instead toggles inheritance to singleton only! (for which we also have Object#singleton_methods)
  • There is no direct API for getting a list of private singleton methods

Now that we have keyword arguments, we could provide a single API for listing methods. One way of doing so could be the Object#shadow's methods method. Having a keyword arguments based API would allow users to specify the dimensions of their requests better - should it:

  • return the object's methods, or methods of its instances?
  • return only methods of a specific visibility scope?
  • return only methods of a specific inheritance level (e.g. only singleton, or all the way down to BasicObject)?

What do you think about having one unified way for retrieving an object's method list?


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