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Merge JSON doc updates?

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Sorry for bothering the core tracker.
I understand (though, only partially) that JSON standard library is in a weird state "it is kinda maintained but we can't contact maintaner" (is there no way to just move the project's main repo under ruby github organization or make ruby/json fork the "master" one?..), but if it is possible, I'd be really happy if those two PRs from MARCH OF 2018 that just improve documentation:,, would be merged before Ruby 2.7.

I am trying to make Ruby's documentation more consistent and friendly in general, and JSON's one is beside the most outdated. The PRs are zero-risk (change not a symbol in code), so I hope their merging can be managed.

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Thank you for contributing.

I and naruse got the approval for releasing the new version of JSON from flori.

So, I can merge and release them. But It's too late for releasing Ruby 2.7. I'm going to handle it in 2020.

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