Bug #7263

ruby 2.0.0-preview1 does not detect readline on Fedora 17 x86-64

Added by Hal Brodigan about 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

ruby -v:ruby 2.0.0dev (2012-11-01 trunk 37411) [x86_64-linux] Backport:


I just installed ruby 2.0.0-preview1 using ruby-build 1 on Fedora 17 x86-64. However, it appears ./configure did not detect Fedora's readline 6.2 (/usr/lib64/libreadline.so.6 and /usr/include/readline/):

$ ruby-build -k 2.0.0-preview1 /usr/local/ruby-2.0.0-preview1
$ chruby_use /usr/local/ruby-2.0.0-preview1
$ irb
>> require 'irb/completion'
LoadError: cannot load such file -- readline
from /usr/local/ruby-2.0.0-preview1/lib/ruby/2.0.0/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require'


#1 Updated by Hal Brodigan about 3 years ago

Nevermind, close this! Built ruby 2.0.0-preview1 manually and that fixed the problem.

#2 Updated by Yusuke Endoh about 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Open to Rejected

Thank you, feel free to report any other things you notice!

Yusuke Endoh mame@tsg.ne.jp

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