Feature #8382

Format OpenStruct YAML dump and create getters and setters after load.

Added by Pietro Monteiro over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Assignee:Marc-Andre Lafortune


Currently Open Struct doesn't format it's YAML output exposing ((|@table|)). It also doesn't create setters and getter like (({#marshal_load})). This patch does both.

ostruct_yaml.patch Magnifier (1.98 KB) Pietro Monteiro, 05/08/2013 01:07 PM


#1 Updated by Marc-Andre Lafortune over 2 years ago

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Interesting feature request.

This reasoning would also apply to all stdlib classes, like Set, Matrix, ... right?

I'm not sure it's a big issue, but a patch like this would make yaml serialization both backwards and forwards incompatible. It would be easy to make it at least backwards compatible.

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