Bug #9613

Warn about unsafe ossl ciphers

Added by Zachary Scott about 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

ruby -v:2.2.0dev Backport:1.9.3: UNKNOWN, 2.0.0: UNKNOWN, 2.1: UNKNOWN


As of r45274, we now have sane whitelist of available OpenSSL ciphers. However, this patch breaks backwards compatibility for any apps that use any ciphers not whitelisted.


  • Implement a new class: OpenSSL::SSL::Ciphers
    • This class defines a constant for every whitelisted cipher used by DEFAULT_PARAMS[:ciphers]
    • Any constant not found within this class should raise a warning and report to the user
  • Add an OpenSSL::SSL::Configuration class
    • Designed to default to no compression, and no sslv2/v3
    • Used by DEFAULT_PARAMS[:options]
    • This class may contain helper methods such as: #compression_enabled?


  • We don't break anything, without warning users first
  • Maintaining future whitelist ciphers is easier
  • Future unsupported/blacklist ciphers are already dismissed
  • Users are able to extend cipher lists to support their needs (by adding a constant to OpenSSL::SSL::Ciphers)


I have discussed this with Martin, and we'd like to open up this discussion for feedback. We're particularly concerned about backporting r45274 as it breaks compatibility. We should also consider:

  • Do we backport both patches or just the warning?
  • Should we bother backporting deprecation warnings?
    • Since r45274 is not a security fix, do we consider this a bug?
    • Rails only introduces deprecation notices in new minor releases (ie: Ruby-2.2.0)
  • r45274 is a major change that could break existing apps, even considering security

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Single datapoint: r45274 will likely end up in Debian jessie's ruby 2.1, and by extension probably in Ubuntu's ruby 2.1.

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