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File "ruby.h" includes "config.h" which is not in proper location

Added by kkincade (Kameron Kincade) about 4 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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In Ruby 2.0.0p451, I using SWIG to convert some C/C++ code into Ruby. However, when using GCC to compile the C++ code into Ruby and pointing GCC to the "ruby.h" file (i.e. gcc -fPIC -c test_wrap.cxx -IC:\Ruby200-x64\include\ruby-2.0.0), I receive the error...

I've looked in the folder where ruby.h is contained and there is no config.h file. It is located in the archdir folder.


#1 [ruby-core:61495] Updated by vo.x (Vit Ondruch) about 4 years ago

I am afraid this is by design. On Fedora, we have overcome this issue by adding header [1] and renaming the original file(s), but I know that upstream is not happy about this ([2], my 4th point) and they will suggest you to use mkmf to setup your build environment.


#2 [ruby-core:61503] Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) about 4 years ago

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It needs architecture dependent header files directory.
Seems an issue in Makefile generated by swig.

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