Bug #995

CONFIG['topdir'] defined '1.9.1' instead of '1.9'

Added by luislavena (Luis Lavena) over 11 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

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ruby -v:


While working on the new One-Click installer, noticed this change the
the folder structure between 1.8 and 1.9.1

On 1.8, RbConfig::CONFIG['topdir'] defines MAYOR dot MINOR as
part of the folder structure for libraries and such

While 1.9.1 set the version and the directory to MAYOR.MINOR and
TEENY, affecting the folder structure where rbconfig is located:

This is important for me since I need to strip build path from the
file to allow portability to other computer locations.

I see that future 1.9.2 or 1.9.4 versions will break many setups,
making upgrade from versions a bit complicated.

Is the change intentional?


Updated by yugui (Yuki Sonoda) over 11 years ago

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This is intentional. CONFIG['topdir'] will change when binary compatibility is broken in a future version.


Updated by luislavena (Luis Lavena) over 11 years ago

Thank you for your reply.

This will require me keep a separate recipe for building 1.9 in a different way than 1.8, due this change of file location.

There is a place in the documentation or previous discussion I can link users to check?

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