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07:19 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10600: [PATCH] Queue#close
You misread about Go channel:
> **Sending to or closing** a closed channel causes a **run-time panic**.
> (on e...


07:01 AM Ruby trunk Feature #8976: file-scope freeze_string directive
New constructor is a good thing.
But it is better to allow construction
to be mutable string. `"".for...


04:20 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11420: Introduce ID key table into MRI
Koichi Sasada, did you measure performance of mix approach compared to hash?
Perhaps, threshold should be set to low...


06:54 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11420: Introduce ID key table into MRI
> Which implementation do you like?
The one which will be faster.
Quadratic probing is simpler, so if it is not...
02:02 PM Ruby trunk Feature #11420: Introduce ID key table into MRI
Koichi Sasada , i've made another one "hash" for your experiments


12:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11379: Difference in `Array#sort_by` method between Ubuntu Linux and OS X
> I understand that the order cannot be guaranteed but I would expect it to work the same on all platforms.
And yo...


09:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #11298: [PATCH] socket: memoize common socket families in fptr->mode
Did you make a mistake, or `after` is really slower?
09:08 AM Ruby trunk Feature #10585: struct: speedup struct.attr = v for first 10 attributes and struct[:attr] for big...
imho, 0001 is very important, cause it gives most of performance improvement for usual case.
For now, I think twic...


07:11 PM Ruby trunk Bug #11283: Block assigned implicitly
This is "hidden feature", not the bug: `Proc.new` can consume unnamed block passed to method.
It makes possible foll...


02:24 PM Ruby trunk Bug #10923 (Closed): Bug in io/wait/wait.c
return value s...

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