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10:54 PM Ruby trunk Bug #8261 (Rejected): module_function for methods of same name
This affects all versions from 1.8 to 2.0 I have tested.
I'd expect all three examples below to have the same outp...


10:12 AM Ruby trunk Bug #5836: #slice results inconsistent after #force_encoding to a valid encoding
I've reduced the code a bit, calling `force_encoding` seems to cause it, and calling `valid_encoding?` repairs the da...


07:05 PM Ruby trunk Feature #4264: General type coercion protocol for Ruby
On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 1:46 AM, Haase, Konstantin
<> wrote:
> B...


11:26 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4037 (Rejected): Net/http keep alive bug
I've found a bug where if the target server sends an eof to the socket, net/http will raise an error. I've ...


07:02 PM Ruby trunk Bug #3844 (Closed): Kernel.methods(false) not documented
The documentation of Kernel.methods doesn't cover the optional argument.
It's covered by RubySpec, so I th...


09:26 AM Ruby trunk Feature #2759: Regexp /g and /G options
Hi Naruse, Allowing for the flag to be passed is fine, I'm not that eager on the /g or /G syntax itself as lo...


12:02 PM Ruby trunk Feature #2759: Regexp /g and /G options
That's one out of many, and the shortest I could find.
My other samples still fail... here's a quick paste ...


10:49 AM Ruby trunk Feature #1102: Prepend Module
+1 for Module#prepend
03:11 AM Ruby trunk Feature #2759: Regexp /g and /G options
It's not correct, I simply shortened a longer expression.
The original is:

(?= ([ ]{4}|\t)


04:10 AM Ruby trunk Feature #2759: Regexp /g and /G options
Thank you very much, that seems handle most of what I need, have to make sure it works correctly tomorrow.

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