Bug #3844

Kernel.methods(false) not documented

Added by Michael Fellinger about 5 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

ruby -v:ruby 1.9.2p0 (2010-08-18 revision 29036) [x86_64-linux] Backport:


The documentation of Kernel.methods doesn't cover the optional argument.
It's covered by RubySpec, so I think the docs should mention it.

Related issues

Related to Ruby trunk - Bug #4882: Delegator#methods should accept the singleton flag argument Closed 06/14/2011


#1 Updated by Yui NARUSE over 4 years ago

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Documentation contribution is welcomed.

#2 Updated by Marc-Andre Lafortune over 3 years ago

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Fixed in r33939. Thank you for reporting this issue.

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