Sandor Szücs


Reported issues: 10


05:47 AM Ruby trunk Bug #9243 (Closed): DOC fix example key exchane using DH
Please apply patch file, thanks


06:36 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4823 (Closed): [doc] monitor
Improved monitor.rb doc a bit.


03:34 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4767 (Closed): [doc] lib/mathn
Enhanced documentation for mathn.


08:50 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4753 (Closed): [doc] ipaddr
doc for constants and methods
07:38 PM Ruby trunk Bug #4752 (Closed): [doc] forwardable def_delegator
Explained parameters of def_delegator and added a simple example.


01:52 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4727 (Closed): [doc] lib/cmath
Beware that there are 2 other patches related to cmath in redmine:
- htt...
01:46 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4726 (Closed): [doc] benchmark.rb
Maybe you find it not useful, but to open up internals it would be nice to print internal docs.
This patch just re...
01:36 AM Ruby trunk Bug #4725 (Closed): [doc] webrick/compat.rb
Docs for lib/webrick/compat.rb
Ruby 1.9.3 Documentation Challenge.

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