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Is it worth adding collision probability of SecureRandom functions in RubyDoc?

Added by kgrz (Kashyap K) about 6 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Is it feasible and/or even useful to document the probability of
collisions for the various random number generation methods in the
SecureRandom module?

I feel having a note to read about the possibility of collisions
happening for the various key lengths and generator functions might help
a lot of beginners. Although there are many birthday paradox checkers
online, I felt it would be a nice to have on the documentation pages

Updated by kgrz (Kashyap K) about 6 years ago

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Apologies if I opened this in a wrong format. I'm pretty new to redmine tracker, and unfamiliar with the UI :(

Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) about 6 years ago

You mean you suggest to have the documentation better?

The UI can be a bit confusing I agree, I'd like to have a separate tracker for documentation, since docu is definitely not a "bug", but also not 100% a real "feature" (since the latter should imply behavioural changes).

I am all in favour of better documentation - I know next to nothing about collisions in SecureRandom at all.

Updated by naruse (Yui NARUSE) about 6 years ago

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Updated by duerst (Martin Dürst) about 6 years ago

Yui, it may be helpful to say what kind of feedback do you want, and from whom.


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