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PKey::EC Can't output public key pem when private key exists

Added by armour (Armour Comms) over 6 years ago. Updated 13 days ago.

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Steps to reproduce:

Create EC key:

key ="prime256v1")

Try and output in pem format

key.to_pem #Outputs private key pem
key.public_key.to_pem #Error

In order to output a public key pem, a new key object must be created with no private key:

key_pub =
key_pub.public_key = key.public_key

Output pem

key_pub.to_pem #Success!

From viewing the source, it seems that if the key is private there is no way to output a public key for that key object

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The following is a way to generate a PEM for a OpenSSL::PKey::EC with both a private and a public key without allocating a new OpenSSL::PKey::EC:

pk = key.private_key
key.private_key = nil
key.private_key = key

I agree that this approach is suboptimal, and it may be worthwhile to add a method for this, or a keyword argument to to_pem. However, that is a request for a new feature, not a bug fix.

I checked and OpenSSL::PKey::RSA doesn't have the same issue because OpenSSL::PKey::RSA#public_key returns OpenSSL::PKey::RSA (OpenSSL::PKey::EC returns OpenSSL::PKey::EC::Point). However, it still requires allocating a new OpenSSL::PKey::RSA object.

Updated by brandur (Brandur Leach) 15 days ago

If you're linked against OpenSSL >= 3, the workarounds suggested here don't seem to work any longer because a pkey is not allowed to be modified:

Failure/Error: pub.public_key = SIGNING_KEY.public_key

  pkeys are immutable on OpenSSL 3.0
# ./app/pellet.rb:41:in `public_key='

And seen from Ruby's OpenSSL source:

static VALUE ossl_ec_key_set_private_key(VALUE self, VALUE private_key)
    rb_raise(ePKeyError, "pkeys are immutable on OpenSSL 3.0");

I looked around for some other workaround, but I wasn't able to find one (although I don't know this code well, so I'm hoping someone else can suggest one). For what it's worth, I'd intuitively expect something like key.public_key.to_pem to work.

Given the OpenSSL 3 incompatibility, I wonder if this should be upgraded back to a bug?

Updated by rhenium (Kazuki Yamaguchi) 13 days ago

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openssl v2.2 added OpenSSL::PKey::PKey#public_to_pem and #public_to_der for this purpose.

Ruby 3.0 includes v2.2 by default.


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