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This exposes Coverage.result in a slightly more writeable way and allows coverage analysis to reset to a baseline in a safe way.

Note, I wasn't able to figure out how to invalidate the cached pointers in the VM bytecode, so this does rb_ary_replace across all the arrays instead. I'd love to see this improved so it were cleaner.

This is ongoing work to improve the current state of code coverage analysis. I'll be giving a talk on this at rubyconf 2016.

I should also add, this applies cleanly to (at least) 2.3 as well.

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This patch url will stay up to date better than a file attachment. I'm getting feedback from Nobu and fixing things:

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Sorry for leaving this ticket untouched.

I cannot remember the detailed story of this ticket, but since 2.6, coverage library has supported Coverage.result(stop: false, clear: false). Is it enough? I still think Coverage.result= is too powerful.

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I'd like to close this issue tentatively. Feel free to reopen if you still think it is needed.


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