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[ANN] Rolling MinGW trunk build

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I decided it was time to start an Appveyor MinGW build. It's rolling, starts builds at 0:00 JST and 12:00 JST (3 & 15 UTC). Using the MSP-Greg/ruby-loco repo. This weekend, I've used the builds when updating my doc site.

Latest build console is here (test summary at the bottom), build artifacts (build and build/test logs) are here. A build with all tests passing is named ruby_trunk.7z, with non passing tests, is named ruby_trunk_bad.7z. Hence, it can be used for testing in other repos, but 'bad' builds are available for inspection. Scripts are included to update the MSYS2/MinGW system for Appveyor use (OpenSSL & GDBM & gcc 6.3.0 or 7.2.0).

I started working on it a long time ago, based on forks of RubyInstaller (not RubyInstaller2) that used the MSYS2 makepkg-mingw system. Hence, it's somewhat different than other build systems. I'm sure it can be improved. Rake files don't doc well, so I've kept it to cmd and rb files.

Thanks to Nobuyoshi, Hiroshi, Kazuki, Benoit, and everyone else for your patience, help, and work with the issues and questions I've raised/asked. It is appreciated.

The repo should also work for local builds of trunk, 2.3, and 2.4, but I need to check and see if I've busted any of that getting it to work on Appveyor. I'm working on the README...


Updated by MSP-Greg (Greg L) about 3 years ago

Does it work? :>

For several months. Used in Appveyor testing by rubygems/rubygems and ruby/spec. Hopefully, more in the future.

Easiest link to check status is Click on RUBY_PLATFORM, and test result summary will appear. Saves one the trouble of scrolling thru a 2800 line console log...

Badge is shown at Ruby MinGW Test Results, but, at present, I'm manually updating that.

Next, add saving of additional build files/logs when a build fails.

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