Feature #15261


Expose rl_variable_value as Readline.variable_value

Added by graywolf (Gray Wolf) almost 4 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

Target version:


I would like to propose exponsing rl_variable_value as Readline.variable_value, it would be useful in pry.

Pull request:

Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) almost 4 years ago

I would recommend to you, if you would like to, to add your request to the next
developer meeting at:

It is such a small change that it may be quickly approved before the upcoming
x-mas release of ruby and the developer meeting is where it may be easier to
discuss functionality if necessary; or direct approval too. (I assume that the
closer we are to the x-mas release, the more likely it may be for new features
for ruby to be postponed into next year; for small changes such as this one
here, perhaps this can be easily done before the x-mas release, though.)

I would also recommend to add or expand on the small use case describing what
could be done in pry; just something short. May be useful for irb as well in
the long run. (I myself use Readline a lot, so I am always happy that others
make use of readline as well, from ruby. I often use Readline because it is
very convenient for commandline applications written in ruby to access a
history or use the up-arrow for history, so I understand use cases pertaining
to it. Readline makes user input so much more convenient compared to
traditional $stdin.gets)


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