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Combining default positional and keyword arguments is resulting in a `to_hash` method call

Added by mtelford (Michael Telford) 30 days ago. Updated 28 days ago.

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Combining default positional and keyword arguments is resulting in a to_hash method call when I don't believe it should be. It's affecting some code I am writing. The full details of the behaviour I'm describing can be seen in the attached script.

I would like to know why the method to_hash is being called (only in certain circumstances) and if this is a bug to be fixed or desired behaviour (and why?).

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Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) 30 days ago

I would like to know why the method to_hash is being called

A method call that accepts keywords checks if the last argument is a Hash or not. The check includes attempting to convert it by using to_hash. This is the behavior you are seeing.

I agree that it is very strange. It is elegantly solved if we can separate positional and keyword arguments completely (#14183), but the separation seems to be difficult because the incompatibility is painful.

Updated by mtelford (Michael Telford) 30 days ago

Ok, thanks for the reply. That now makes more sense. I understand why the last positional argument is type-checked but surely trying to convert it using param#to_hash is a step too far? Doing so basically means that the last positional argument cannot respond_to? :to_hash, as in my case. It's not ideal as my problem still exists.

Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) 29 days ago

I think that either way, resolving it may not be trivial/simple right now; if you
look at mame's linked in issue above at #14183, it mentions 19 (somewhat) related
issues concerning keyword arguments. Jeremy also pointed out some bugs prior to
this, and if I remember correctly, matz spoke about the somewhat confusing situation
in a presentation a while ago. This may need to be given some time, for the time
being, but the ruby core team is most likely aware of the situation.

I personally have avoided keyword arguments so far (but unrelated to the issues
mentioned in the issue trackers; I mostly stick to oldschool hashes. Perhaps
this may also be somewhat of a "historic" nature, in that hash-behaviour
came first (the old pickaxe mentioned that, e. g. you could drop the {}
syntax for the last arguments in a method if it was a hash), and at a later
time keyword arguments were added.

If I remember correctly then matz has also mention that the situation with
keyword arguments may be one of the very very few incompatibilities for
ruby 3.0 (perhaps), so I guess it is not out of the question to see a
change in behaviour in this regard. As mame has pointed out, one of the
biggest concern, if not the biggest, is the incompatibility issue.

Updated by mtelford (Michael Telford) 28 days ago

Ok, the situation with keyword parameters is now making more sense, despite not being ideal. Since ruby 3 should implement a fix (backwards compatible or not) I am happy for this issue to be closed.

Thanks to those who commented to bring me up to speed :-)


Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 28 days ago

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