Bug #17189


test_thread.rb in testsuite deadlocks with musl libc 1.2.1

Added by ncopa (Natanael Copa) about 1 year ago. Updated 4 months ago.

Target version:
ruby -v:
ruby 2.7.1p83 (2020-03-31 revision a0c7c23c9c) [x86_64-linux-musl]


When we build ruby-2.7.1 in alpine linux the test suite deadlocks in test_thread.rb.

There are multiple processes:

$ ps xa | grep ruby
12401 ncopa     0:01 /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/ruby --disable-gems ./bootstraptest/runner.rb --ruby=ruby -I./lib --disable-gems -q
24150 ncopa    11:00 /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/ruby -I/home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/lib --disable-gems -W0 bootstraptest.tmp.rb
24152 ncopa     0:00 /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/ruby -I/home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/lib --disable-gems -W0 bootstraptest.tmp.rb

I'm gonna focus on the two last ones, 24150 and 24152.

pid 24150

strace shows that it waits on ppoll:

$ doas strace -p 24150
doas (ncopa@ncopa-edge-x86_64) password: 
strace: Process 24150 attached
ppoll([{fd=3, events=POLLIN}], 1, NULL, NULL, 8

gdb shows two threads:

Attaching to process 24150
[New LWP 24151]
__cp_end () at src/thread/x86_64/syscall_cp.s:29
29      src/thread/x86_64/syscall_cp.s: No such file or directory.
(gdb) info threads
  Id   Target Id                   Frame 
* 1    LWP 24150 "ruby"            __cp_end () at src/thread/x86_64/syscall_cp.s:29
  2    LWP 24151 "bootstraptest.*" VM_EP_LEP (ep=ep@entry=0x7ff1e63e7988) at vm.c:51
(gdb) bt
#0  __cp_end () at src/thread/x86_64/syscall_cp.s:29
#1  0x00007ff1e93fbfeb in __syscall_cp_c (nr=271, u=<optimized out>, v=<optimized out>, w=<optimized out>, x=<optimized out>, 
    y=<optimized out>, z=0) at src/thread/pthread_cancel.c:33
#2  0x00007ff1e93ca14b in ppoll (fds=fds@entry=0x7ffcdb9d0520, n=n@entry=1, to=to@entry=0x0, mask=mask@entry=0x0)
    at src/linux/ppoll.c:24
#3  0x00007ff1e9263160 in rb_sigwait_sleep (th=th@entry=0x7ff1e9440ae0, sigwait_fd=sigwait_fd@entry=3, rel=rel@entry=0x0)
    at hrtime.h:148
#4  0x00007ff1e92638cb in native_sleep (th=th@entry=0x7ff1e9440ae0, rel=rel@entry=0x0) at thread_pthread.c:2145
#5  0x00007ff1e92658c4 in rb_thread_sleep_interruptible () at thread.c:1334
#6  0x00007ff1e920a27f in waitpid_sleep (x=x@entry=140723992987392) at process.c:1123
#7  0x00007ff1e91836d1 in rb_ensure (b_proc=b_proc@entry=0x7ff1e920a26b <waitpid_sleep>, data1=data1@entry=140723992987392, 
    e_proc=e_proc@entry=0x7ff1e920d463 <waitpid_cleanup>, data2=data2@entry=140723992987392) at eval.c:1129
#8  0x00007ff1e920dde1 in waitpid_wait (w=0x7ffcdb9d0700) at process.c:1182
#9  rb_waitpid (pid=pid@entry=24152, st=st@entry=0x7ffcdb9d0774, flags=<optimized out>) at process.c:1221
#10 0x00007ff1e920dfa3 in proc_wait (argc=1, argv=0x7ff1e8f79090) at process.c:1260
#11 0x00007ff1e9285503 in vm_call_cfunc_with_frame (empty_kw_splat=<optimized out>, cd=0x7ff1e64e82f0, calling=<optimized out>, 
    reg_cfp=0x7ff1e9078fd0, ec=0x7ff1e9440140) at vm_insnhelper.c:2514
#12 vm_call_cfunc (ec=0x7ff1e9440140, reg_cfp=0x7ff1e9078fd0, calling=<optimized out>, cd=0x7ff1e64e82f0) at vm_insnhelper.c:2539
#13 0x00007ff1e9281d23 in vm_sendish (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e9440140, reg_cfp=reg_cfp@entry=0x7ff1e9078fd0, cd=0x7ff1e64e82f0, 
    block_handler=block_handler@entry=0, method_explorer=method_explorer@entry=0x7ff1e9287476 <vm_search_method_wrap>)
    at vm_insnhelper.c:4023
#14 0x00007ff1e928dce7 in vm_exec_core (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e9440140, initial=initial@entry=0) at insns.def:801
#15 0x00007ff1e929065d in rb_vm_exec (ec=<optimized out>, mjit_enable_p=mjit_enable_p@entry=1) at vm.c:1929
#16 0x00007ff1e9291114 in rb_iseq_eval_main (iseq=iseq@entry=0x7ff1e8f56fe0) at vm.c:2179
#17 0x00007ff1e9181424 in rb_ec_exec_node (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e9440140, n=n@entry=0x7ff1e8f56fe0) at eval.c:278
#18 0x00007ff1e9184da2 in ruby_run_node (n=0x7ff1e8f56fe0) at eval.c:336
#19 0x00005597798fe11b in main (argc=<optimized out>, argv=<optimized out>) at ./main.c:50
(gdb) thread 2
[Switching to thread 2 (LWP 24151)]
#0  VM_EP_LEP (ep=ep@entry=0x7ff1e63e7988) at vm.c:51
51          return ep;
(gdb) bt
#0  VM_EP_LEP (ep=ep@entry=0x7ff1e63e7988) at vm.c:51
#1  0x00007ff1e9283799 in VM_CF_LEP (cfp=<optimized out>, cfp=<optimized out>) at vm.c:97
#2  VM_CF_BLOCK_HANDLER (cfp=<optimized out>) at vm.c:97
#3  0x00007ff1e928af18 in check_block_handler (ec=<optimized out>, ec=<optimized out>) at vm.c:1159
#4  0x00007ff1e929237e in vm_yield (kw_splat=0, argv=0x0, argc=0, ec=0x7ff1e6522a60) at vm.c:1179
#5  rb_yield_0 (argc=argc@entry=0, argv=argv@entry=0x0) at vm_eval.c:1227
#6  0x00007ff1e9292521 in loop_i (_=_@entry=0) at vm_eval.c:1330
#7  0x00007ff1e9183143 in rb_vrescue2 (b_proc=0x7ff1e9292514 <loop_i>, data1=0, r_proc=0x7ff1e92817d5 <loop_stop>, data2=0, 
    args=args@entry=0x7ff1e63e74e0) at eval.c:990
#8  0x00007ff1e918334e in rb_rescue2 (b_proc=<optimized out>, data1=<optimized out>, r_proc=<optimized out>, data2=<optimized out>)
    at eval.c:967
#9  0x00007ff1e9285503 in vm_call_cfunc_with_frame (empty_kw_splat=<optimized out>, cd=0x7ff1e6518840, calling=<optimized out>, 
    reg_cfp=0x7ff1e64e78d0, ec=0x7ff1e6522a60) at vm_insnhelper.c:2514
#10 vm_call_cfunc (ec=0x7ff1e6522a60, reg_cfp=0x7ff1e64e78d0, calling=<optimized out>, cd=0x7ff1e6518840) at vm_insnhelper.c:2539
#11 0x00007ff1e9281d23 in vm_sendish (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e6522a60, reg_cfp=reg_cfp@entry=0x7ff1e64e78d0, cd=cd@entry=0x7ff1e6518840, 
    block_handler=<optimized out>, method_explorer=method_explorer@entry=0x7ff1e9287476 <vm_search_method_wrap>)
    at vm_insnhelper.c:4023
#12 0x00007ff1e928dc52 in vm_exec_core (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e6522a60, initial=initial@entry=0) at insns.def:782
#13 0x00007ff1e929065d in rb_vm_exec (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e6522a60, mjit_enable_p=mjit_enable_p@entry=1) at vm.c:1929
#14 0x00007ff1e9291189 in invoke_block (ec=ec@entry=0x7ff1e6522a60, iseq=iseq@entry=0x7ff1e8f56bf8, self=self@entry=140676971683160, 
    cref=cref@entry=0x0, type=type@entry=572653569, opt_pc=0, captured=<optimized out>, captured=<optimized out>) at vm.c:1044
#15 0x00007ff1e9292e5b in invoke_iseq_block_from_c (me=0x0, is_lambda=0, cref=0x0, passed_block_handler=0, kw_splat=0, 
    argv=0x7ff1e63e7890, argc=0, self=140676971683160, captured=0x7ff1e64ff030, ec=0x7ff1e6522a60) at vm.c:1116
#16 invoke_block_from_c_proc (me=0x0, is_lambda=0, passed_block_handler=0, kw_splat=0, argv=0x7ff1e63e7890, argc=0, 
    self=140676971683160, proc=0x7ff1e6522a60, ec=0x7ff1e6522a60) at vm.c:1216
#17 vm_invoke_proc (passed_block_handler=0, kw_splat=0, argv=0x7ff1e63e7890, argc=0, self=140676971683160, proc=0x7ff1e6522a60, 
    ec=0x7ff1e6522a60) at vm.c:1238
#18 rb_vm_invoke_proc (ec=0x7ff1e6522a60, proc=proc@entry=0x7ff1e64ff030, argc=0, argv=0x7ff1e63e7890, kw_splat=0, 
    passed_block_handler=passed_block_handler@entry=0) at vm.c:1259
#19 0x00007ff1e92657c5 in thread_do_start (th=th@entry=0x7ff1e64e89c0) at thread.c:697
#20 0x00007ff1e92663fa in thread_start_func_2 (th=<optimized out>, stack_start=<optimized out>) at thread.c:745
#21 0x00007ff1e9266781 in thread_start_func_1 (th_ptr=<optimized out>) at thread_pthread.c:1015
#22 0x00007ff1e93fcaa9 in start (p=0x7ff1e64e7ae8) at src/thread/pthread_create.c:196
#23 0x00007ff1e93fec5a in __clone () at src/thread/x86_64/clone.s:22
Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC

pid 24152

The second process waits on a futex says strace:

$ doas strace -p 24152
strace: Process 24152 attached
futex(0x7ff1e943ffd8, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 2147483650, NULL


Attaching to process 24152
Reading symbols from /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/ruby...
Reading symbols from /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/
Reading symbols from /lib/
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/debug//lib/
Reading symbols from /lib/
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/debug//lib/
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/
Reading symbols from /usr/lib/debug//usr/lib/
Reading symbols from /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/.ext/x86_64-linux-musl/enc/
Reading symbols from /home/ncopa/aports/main/ruby/src/ruby-2.7.1/.ext/x86_64-linux-musl/enc/trans/
__futexwait (priv=128, val=-2147483646, addr=0x7ff1e943ffd8 <__malloc_lock>) at ./arch/x86_64/syscall_arch.h:40
40      ./arch/x86_64/syscall_arch.h: No such file or directory.
(gdb) info threads
  Id   Target Id            Frame 
* 1    process 24152 "ruby" __futexwait (priv=128, val=-2147483646, addr=0x7ff1e943ffd8 <__malloc_lock>)
    at ./arch/x86_64/syscall_arch.h:40
(gdb) bt
#0  __futexwait (priv=128, val=-2147483646, addr=0x7ff1e943ffd8 <__malloc_lock>) at ./arch/x86_64/syscall_arch.h:40
#1  __lock (l=l@entry=0x7ff1e943ffd8 <__malloc_lock>) at src/thread/__lock.c:44
#2  0x00007ff1e93ce6ee in rdlock () at src/malloc/mallocng/glue.h:63
#3  malloc (n=n@entry=56) at src/malloc/mallocng/malloc.c:337
#4  0x00007ff1e9197a22 in objspace_xmalloc0 (objspace=0x7ff1e907a570, size=56) at gc.c:9860
#5  0x00007ff1e9197ab6 in ruby_xmalloc0 (size=<optimized out>) at vm_core.h:1806
#6  ruby_xmalloc_body (size=<optimized out>) at gc.c:10089
#7  0x00007ff1e6dfc2c0 in ?? ()
#8  0x00007ff1e8f564f0 in ?? ()
#9  0x00007ff1e8f56518 in ?? ()
#10 0x0000000000000d41 in ?? ()
#11 0x00007ffcdb9cfe40 in ?? ()
#12 0x00007ff1e927c297 in iv_index_tbl_make (obj=<optimized out>) at variable.c:1138
Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC

Let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks!

Updated by dalias (Rich Felker) about 1 year ago

From my reading of the test source, it seems to be testing the ability to do various async-signal-unsafe things after fork (but without execve) from a multithreaded parent, which has undefined behavior. Does Ruby (and Ruby programs) actually depend on the ability to do this, or is it just a gratuitous test for something that's not supposed to be supported usage. It looks dubious to me that Ruby even exposes a fork operation to the program it's executing; it's really hard to get forking of an interpreter right, and basically impossible if the interpreter process is allowed to be multi-threaded.

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 7 months ago

  • Status changed from Open to Feedback

Can you narrow down which particular test method is causing this issue? That would help narrow down the problem? Even if the problem is not fixable, we could skip that test on musl libc so the test suite doesn't deadlock.

It is expected to be able to fork without execve and have child processes perform useful work, and this is commonly used, with some Ruby webservers such as Unicorn working this way by default. fork is supposed to work even if the parent has other threads at the time of forking (other threads will be dead in the child process, though).

Actions #3

Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) 4 months ago

  • Status changed from Feedback to Closed

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