Bug #17511


Segmentation fault when compiled with -O2 or higher on ARM Android

Added by xtkoba (Tee KOBAYASHI) almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Target version:
ruby -v:
ruby 3.0.0p0 (2020-12-25 revision 95aff21468) [arm-linux-android]


To reproduce a segmentation fault, compile Ruby with CFLAGS=-Oz using Android NDK r22 (Clang 11.0.5), and input the following:

require 'rubygems'

A segmentation fault also occurs with CFLAGS=-O2 when Up or Down key is pressed in IRB.

A workaround is to disable using __builtin_setjmp:

./configure --with-setjmp-type=setjmp

I have no idea if there are similar issues or not in non-Android Linux systems on 32-bit ARM.

Bug #14480 seems to suggest that there was a similar case on AArch64 Linux with GCC.


ruby-3.0.0-android-arm-__builtin_setjmp.patch (333 Bytes) ruby-3.0.0-android-arm-__builtin_setjmp.patch Disable using __builtin_setjmp on ARM Android xtkoba (Tee KOBAYASHI), 01/04/2021 09:57 PM
ruby-ec-volatile.patch (838 Bytes) ruby-ec-volatile.patch xtkoba (Tee KOBAYASHI), 02/21/2021 08:10 PM

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Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) almost 2 years ago

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Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) almost 2 years ago

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Applied in changeset git|b9c1b3f8d82b6f2517786b2f9e06683909af34c3. disable using __builtin_setjmp on ARM Android

A patch from Tee KOBAYASHI . [Bug #17511]

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) almost 2 years ago

Thank you, I've imported your patch.

BTW, I'm curious for what purpose you are attempting to build Ruby for Android.
As I said, we currently have no CI or development environment for Arm Android.
So it is difficult for us to test the code for the environment.
I thought your patch for this ticket was very trivial, so I've imported it.
But if it was more complicated, such as fixing a test, it would be difficult for me to commit it.

If there is a practical use case for Android Ruby, I'm willing to try preparing a CI for the environment.

Updated by xtkoba (Tee KOBAYASHI) almost 2 years ago

Thanks for the merge!

My running Ruby on ARM Android is JUST FOR FUN :-)

I think it would be more productive to prepare a CI for AArch64 Android if you could, rather than for nearly out-of-date 32-bit ARM Android.

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Updated by xtkoba (Tee KOBAYASHI) almost 2 years ago

I revisited this issue, and probably found another workaround: to add volatile qualifier to the ec argument of the functions rb_ec_tag_jump and vm_exec, as in the attached patch. I have no idea exactly what it means, and I don't expect it to be merged. After all, there is no problem unless __builtin_{set,long}jmp are in use.

Updated by xtkoba (Tee KOBAYASHI) over 1 year ago

Just for the record, there turns out to be a Clang/LLVM bug in its __builtin_longjmp implementation for ARM Linux (more specifically for non-Darwin and non-Windows) for which there seems to be no reliable workaround on user's side.


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