Bug #17669


An exception still breaks monitor state and causes deadlock in 2.6.7

Added by yoheimuta (Yohei Yoshimuta) over 1 year ago. Updated 12 months ago.

Target version:
ruby -v:
ruby 2.6.7p153 (2021-01-31 revision 67892) [x86_64-darwin19]


lib/monitor.rb provides Monitor.

However, its state handling is weak for interrupts caused by Thread.kill for example timeout libraries
even after introducing some uses of Thread.handle_interrupt at

Actually, timeout exception may happen everywhere.
If it raised when the thread is executing right before the begin block,

  def mon_synchronize
    # Prevent interrupt on handling interrupts; for example timeout errors
    # it may break locking state.
->  Thread.handle_interrupt(Exception => :never){ mon_enter }
      Thread.handle_interrupt(EXCEPTION_NEVER){ mon_exit }

it breaks the state of the monitor and it causes deadlock.

I can confirm that this happens either in 2.6.7 head and 2.6.6 release.

/bin/bash -c \
"date; ruby -v; ruby reproducible.rb; tail -n 10 /tmp/tmp.txt; date;" | tee ruby:2.6.7-macosx.log
docker run -it --rm -v `pwd`:`pwd` -w `pwd` ruby:2.6.6-alpine3.13 /bin/ash -c \
"date; ruby -v; ruby reproducible.rb; tail -n 10 /tmp/tmp.txt; date;" | tee ruby:2.6.6-alpine3.13.log

Technically, 2.5.8 is also reproducible because it shares the same releated code.
Incidentally, this doesn't happen in either 2.7.2 and 3.0.0 because the monitor was reimplemented in C.

Our production busy puma servers have suffered this weakness susceptible to timeouts, which frequently causes completely hung worker threads in a process.

The commit should fix this issue.


reproducible.rb (1.71 KB) reproducible.rb yoheimuta (Yohei Yoshimuta), 03/02/2021 09:48 AM
ruby_2.6.6-alpine3.13.log (12.8 KB) ruby_2.6.6-alpine3.13.log yoheimuta (Yohei Yoshimuta), 03/02/2021 09:48 AM
ruby_2.6.7-macosx.log (3.73 KB) ruby_2.6.7-macosx.log yoheimuta (Yohei Yoshimuta), 03/02/2021 09:48 AM

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) over 1 year ago

This is the same bug that @headius (Charles Nutter) reported in

I'd like to ask to make that repository public (currently it's private).
If the concern is that it might be confusing as the recent monitor stdlib does not use that source, how about renaming that repository, e.g. to monitor-rb?

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Updated by jeremyevans0 (Jeremy Evans) over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from Open to Closed
  • Backport changed from 2.5: UNKNOWN, 2.6: UNKNOWN, 2.7: UNKNOWN, 3.0: UNKNOWN to 2.5: UNKNOWN, 2.6: REQUIRED, 2.7: DONTNEED, 3.0: DONTNEED

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) 12 months ago

It looks like this was missed to be backported ( does not have the fix).
The Backport field looks correct to me though.

Updated by Eregon (Benoit Daloze) 12 months ago

Ah, 2.6.8 is in security maintenance, so maybe this is not considered then?


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