Bug #7474

I am getting undefined symbol: rb_enable_interrupt when running event machine

Added by Sam Saffron over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

Assignee:Motohiro KOSAKI
Target version:2.0.0
ruby -v:2.0 Backport:


I would like to cross report


Clearly this breakage could be "on purpose" not sure who should be fixing it.


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It's been static since r32510.
I'm not sure if it is a part of public API.

#2 Updated by Motohiro KOSAKI over 1 year ago

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It's been static since r32510.
I'm not sure if it is a part of public API.

vmcore.h is definitely internal api place.
Moreover rb
disable_interrupt() is wrong api and we may be removed later.
There are two problems:



is expand to

pthread_sigmask(SIG_SETMASK, &mask, NULL);


pthread_sigmask(SIG_SETMASK, &mask, NULL);

See? rbenableinterrupt() ignore old sigmask and set signal mask to empty.

2) thread unsafe

pthread_sigmask() only change current thread sigmask. then other thread still be able to
be interrupted by signal. then, this api only work single thread context. MRI only use this
api when process creation time.

So, I have a question. Why do event machine need rbdisableinterrupt()? If I understand correctly,
event machine don't have single thread guarantee.

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No response. I'll close this then.

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