Feature #8429

Options requests in net/http should be able to accept a response body

Added by Chris Rice almost 2 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

Assignee:Yui NARUSE


As it is currently implemented, Net::HTTP::Options does not allow responses to OPTIONS requests to have a response body:

class Net::HTTP::Options < Net::HTTPRequest

According to (()) section 9.2, responses to OPTIONS requests may contain response bodies:

"A 200 response SHOULD include any header fields that indicate optional features implemented by the server and applicable to that resource (e.g., Allow), possibly including extensions not defined by this specification. The response body, if any, SHOULD also include information about the communication options."

As it currently stands, net/http is not useful for issuing an OPTIONS request to an http server which actually makes use of the response body.

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Revision 47078
Added by Yui NARUSE 8 months ago

Revision 47078
Added by Yui NARUSE 8 months ago


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Can we get an update on this? Not sure why it's just sitting here...

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