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Support multithreaded profiling

Added by mperham (Mike Perham) over 9 years ago. Updated 8 months ago.

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The current rb_profile_frames captures the frame for whatever thread is current. This makes profiling a multithreaded system impossible. I'd like a rb_thread_profile_frames which captures a given thread. It seems like it would be a very simple change, something like this:

rb_profile_frames(int start, int limit, VALUE *buff, int *lines)
    rb_profile_frames(start, limit, buff, lines, GET_THREAD())

rb_thread_profile_frames(int start, int limit, VALUE *buff, int *lines, rb_thread_t *th)
    int i;
    rb_control_frame_t *cfp = th->cfp, *end_cfp = RUBY_VM_END_CONTROL_FRAME(th);

This way profiling gems could lock to a specific thread.

Updated by mperham (Mike Perham) over 9 years ago

To be clear, I want to profile a single thread within a running multithreaded Ruby app. This is useful for profiling individual Sidekiq jobs executing in production. Right now the profile frames capture data from other threads which makes the output useless.

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PR to implement this being discussed in

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[Feature #10602] Add new API rb_profile_thread_frames()

Add a new API rb_profile_thread_frames(), which is essentialy a
per-thread version of rb_profile_frames().

While the original rb_profile_frames() always returns results about the
current active thread obtained by GET_EC(), this new API takes a Thread
to be profiled as an argument.

This should come in handy when profiling I/O-bound programs such as
webapps, since this new API allows us to learn about Threads performing
I/O (which do not have the GVL).

Profiling worker threads (such as Sidekiq workers) may be another

Implements [Feature #10602]

Co-authored-by: Mike Perham


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