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How to deal with capitalizing Georgian in Unicode 11.0.0

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This is a request for feedback. In particular if you are from Georgia (the country, not the US state), or if you know somebody (who knows somebody,...) from Georgia, feedback on this issue is very much appreciated. If I don't get any feedback, I'll precede as explained below.

Unicode 11.0.0 introduces an upper-case version of present-day Georgian letters called Mtavruli (the lower case letters are called Mkhedruli). Mtavruli letters are only used to empthasize whole words; there is no initial-letter capitalization in Georgian. Therefore, the Mkhedruli letters do not have Mtavruli letters as their titlecase, but are explicitly mapped to themselves. This means that in Ruby, mkhedruli.capitalize would be a no-op although mkhedruli.upcase would convert to Mtavruli letters.

Additional pointers: (Section 7.7, Georgian, pp. 320-321)

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In other words, we are looking for ruby hackers from Georgia!

Since there are ruby users in ~nearby russia and turkey (turkiye),
this should not be an impossible task.

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