Bug #15039

Random.urandom and SecureRandom arc4random use

Added by Freaky (Thomas Hurst) about 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Random.urandom defaults to arc4random() on a lot of platforms, including FreeBSD.

On all currently released versions of FreeBSD, arc4random() is, as the name suggests, a dubious ARC4-based userspace PRNG dating from circa 1997. Given the entire point of #9569 was that using the userspace CSPRNG in OpenSSL over /dev/urandom or equivalent is a bad idea, this seems to mean it's regressed to an even worse state on these platforms. Even in cases where it's using something more modern (FreeBSD 12, OpenBSD), it's still a userspace CSPRNG.

If that's fine, we might as well pick a known-good one and use that everywhere. Like, say, OpenSSL's.

Since the conclusion of #9569 seems to have been otherwise, I'd suggest dropping arc4random() as a potential source for Random.urandom due to it not matching the desired semantics.

Rust's OsRng seems a good template for alternative _syscall implementations:

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