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Allow WEBrick::HTTPServlet::initialize to accept an array in server[:CGIInterpreter]

Added by remi.lapeyre (Rémi Lapeyre) over 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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There is currently no nice way to give WEBrick::HTTPServlet a command with arguments as an array. This force scripts to escape the paths to the given command.

One way to let people specify either a string or an array of strings would be to set cgicmd as a string or an array based on the type of server[:CGIInterpreter]. This should be a backward compatible change if I understand the code correctly.

I never wrote Ruby but could try to submit a pull request if you think this change could be a good idea.

Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) over 3 years ago

I do not have any pro or con opinion (I rarely use webrick these days) but I
think if you can retain backward compatibility then this may make any patch
in this regard a lot easier.

If you have the time, I would like to suggest to you to consider having a
look at the code over a weekend or another one and consider a pull request -
even if it may not be perfect, I am sure others can comment on it leading
to improvements.

I think what may help the most, though, is if you can manage to get one or
the other from the ruby core team to comment on the proposal; from my
experience this helps quite a bit. (And you can also suggest it for a
ruby developer meeting, even though it is a very small change; but perhaps
small changes can be discussed quickly. I do not know how the developer
meetings work in practice, but I assume that certain issues take a lot
more time to discuss.)

Next developer meeting is here:

But of course you can also wait and let others comment on the issue here,
which may take some time perhaps.

[Edit: I just realized you appear to have filed this under "Bug" rather
than "Feature". I think it is a "Feature" more than a Bug. This happens
to quite some newcomers; I guess because the tracker is defaulting to
"Bug". :) )

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I agree that this is a feature request and not a bug report. I think this is a useful feature, and have submitted a pull request to implement it:

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