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Any chance we can ship 2.5.4 sooner rather than later?

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We started carrying code like this in Discourse due to #14634 breaking Queue after fork.

I was wondering if there is any chance we can fast track a 2.5.4 release? This issue is quite severe cause there are quite a few forking web servers out there (puma and unicorn) so the failure mode is common in the wild.

#14634 is already backported

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I guess this may be up to the release manager; perhaps he is a little bit
busy right now. You could consider adding it to the next upcoming developer
meeting ( ) to get feedback whether
there may be any other difficulties (or to distinguish whether your issue
was not yet noticed, which I guess may also happen every now and then,
holidays, busy weeks and so forth).

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We are also interested in seeing 2.5.4 released quickly, to get the #14561 backport.

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Ruby 2.5.4 was released!

Thank you for your patience.

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I'm sorry the link in previous post was for Japanese.
English version is here.

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