Bug #8077

Returning Dir objects from C extensions

Added by Andre Nathan over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

ruby -v:1.9.3p194 Backport:


In 1.8 it was possible to return Dir objects from C extensions by mimicking the code in dir.c and using Data_Wrap_Struct(rb_cDir, dir_mark, dir_free, dirp). This doesn't work in 1.9+, so it would be nice to have the Dir methods exposed to C extensions. For example, something like "VALUE rb_dir_new(DIR *)".


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For what purpose?

#2 Updated by Andre Nathan over 2 years ago

The code I'm working with is wrapping the fdopendir(3) function (return a DIR* from a file descriptor). This is currently not possible except in ruby 1.8.

#3 Updated by Andre Nathan about 2 years ago

Any chance of this going ahead?

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