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Do you have any idea if you have a budgets?

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Do you have any idea about Ruby interpreter implementation to do with budgets?


Now, we are summarizing many contributions from many people, organizations and companies.

(please let me know if you know any other contributes)
(sorry we wrote contributions especially for MRI, because we don't know)

The great recent news is we get new mac mini machine to run CI on El Capitan. We already have a mac mini machine running CI, but on Yosemite. So we can run CI on both Yosemite and El Capitan.

This new mac mini machine was sponsored by YassLab, Japanese small company.

At first, we ask Nihon-Ruby-no-Kai to prepare this machine, and Takahashi-san (chair man of this organization) tweet about it ("anyone can support it?"). Yasukawa-san, the president of YassLab answers "ok, we'll support it".

We learned that if we show requirements explicitly, anyone may help us.
Listing is important.

Any idea?

Today's developers meeting, we had discussed about that and itemize some dreams.

nurse: VPS severs for CI are welcome. Especially for Azure.
ko1: travel fee (1,000,000 JPY?) for hackathon to gather MRI developers in one place
ko1: physical machines for development and benchmarks (300,000 JPY)
nobu: development machine (400,000 JPY) because he has several trouble on current machine.
nurse: icc (and other softwares) to try.
martin: grant project for MRI development topics
ko1: education to grow other MRI developer (no estimation)

Do you have any other idea?
I'll show these list at RubyKaigi, and someone may consider to support us.

(IMO, maybe sponsoring nobu's machine is great contribution for Ruby worlds.
Nobu will put companies logo stickers on his laptop)


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