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Use Reline for fallback of ext/readline

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Ruby loses readline standard library when the system doesn't have libreadline during Ruby installation, At, hsbt (Hiroshi SHIBATA) proposed pure Ruby implementation. But I think that rb-readline is not good for Ruby standard library and I described it at The important reason for it personally is that rb-readline doesn't have vi mode.

So I'm implementing Reline for a new standard library as GNU Readline and existing ext/readline compatible. I can maintain it.

I don't think that Reline should replace ext/readline fully, it's just for fallback. But it's important for Ruby.

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Revision 67645
Added by aycabta (aycabta .) 7 months ago

IRB is improved with Reline and RDoc

Reline is a readline stdlib compatible library. It also supports
multiline input. IRB is improved with Reline and supports multiline.
Besides, supports showing documents when completed.



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