Bug #15290

load_from_binary Bus error on Solaris sparc

Added by Kulikjak (Jakub Kulik) 13 days ago. Updated 12 days ago.

Target version:
ruby -v:
ruby 2.5.3p105 (2018-10-18 revision 65156) [sparcv9-solaris2.11]


When we updated to recently released version 2.5.3, one test on sparc started to fail:

/.../ruby-25/ruby-2.5.3/test/ruby/test_iseq.rb:403: [BUG] Bus Error at 0x000000010d1de3ec
ruby 2.5.3p105 (2018-10-18 revision 65156) [sparcv9-solaris2.11]

-- Control frame information -----------------------------------------------
c:0029 p:---- s:0169 e:000168 CFUNC  :load_from_binary
c:0028 p:0013 s:0164 e:000163 BLOCK  /.../ruby-25/ruby-2.5.3/test/ruby/test_iseq.rb:403 [FINISH]

This is happening on sparc only (we also build the same thing for intel) and was not present in version 2.5.1. All other tests work.

Logs from configuration, build and whole test attached.

ruby2.5.3-configure.txt (25.5 KB) ruby2.5.3-configure.txt Kulikjak (Jakub Kulik), 11/07/2018 11:20 AM
ruby2.5.3-compilation.txt (95.8 KB) ruby2.5.3-compilation.txt Kulikjak (Jakub Kulik), 11/07/2018 11:20 AM
ruby2.5.3-test.txt (134 KB) ruby2.5.3-test.txt Kulikjak (Jakub Kulik), 11/07/2018 11:20 AM


#1 [ruby-core:89753] Updated by ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 13 days ago

The bus error occurs in compile.c line 8883, in function ibf_load_object_string().

It seems that this bug is already fixed in the trunk by commits r62791, r62796, r63098(?), r63101(?), r63113, r63117, r63167, r63368, and r63413(?).

#2 [ruby-core:89757] Updated by ngoto (Naohisa Goto) 12 days ago

  • Backport changed from 2.3: UNKNOWN, 2.4: UNKNOWN, 2.5: UNKNOWN to 2.3: UNKNOWN, 2.4: UNKNOWN, 2.5: REQUIRED
  • Assignee set to nagachika (Tomoyuki Chikanaga)

In addition to the above, r63118, r63119, and r63120 are needed.

#3 [ruby-core:89758] Updated by Kulikjak (Jakub Kulik) 12 days ago

I am not able to apply all these patches right now, but I managed to build latest Ruby 2.6.0 preview 3 and this issue is not there so it might be fixed.

It is however a little bit weird that this issue appeared with version 2.5.3 and was not present at 2.5.1. But maybe it was there always and tests didn't find it.

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