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Add `--target-rbconfig` option to mkmf

Added by katei (Yuta Saito) 2 months ago. Updated about 2 months ago.

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Today, CRuby runs on many platforms. But not all platforms are capable of running build tools (e.g. WebAssembly/WASI), so cross-target compilation against extensions libraries is essential for those platforms.

We currently have 3 major mkmf users (extconf.rb consumers in in other words):

  1. CRuby build system
  2. rake-compiler
  3. RubyGems

[1] CRuby build system and [2] rake-compiler have their bespoke tricks to support cross compilation but [3] does not support cross compilation yet. So we are going to support cross-compilation in RubyGems to unlock the use of gems including non-precompiled extension libraries.

However, introducing the same tricks to RubyGems to support cross compilation as well as the other two is not ideal and cannot handle some edge cases properly.
Therefore, this proposal aims to add cross-compilation support in mkmf itself and remove the need for special tricks in mkmf users.

Note that cross-compilation here includes:

  • Cross platform compilation: Build extension libraries for platform A on platform B.
  • Cross ruby version compilation: Build extension libraries for Ruby X with running mkmf.rb bundled with Ruby X on Ruby Y.

Existing Solutions

We currently have two solutions to cross-compile extension libraries, but both solutions are based on faking rbconfig.

CRuby build system

CRuby build system is capable for cross-compiling extension libraries for cross-platform and cross ruby version.
The key trick here is that CRuby build system generates -fake.rb that fakes RUBY_ constants like RUBY_PLATFORM and loads just built rbconfig describing Ruby version X for platform A and prevents loading rbconfig for Ruby version Y for platform B.

As a result, this fakes the global RbConfig constant and mkmk generates Makefile using the faked RbConfig.


rake-compiler also fakes RbConfig as well as CRuby build system does. One of the notable tricks here is that the faking script loads resolv, which expects the original RUBY_PLATFORM, at first and fake RbConfig after that.

# From

# Pre-load resolver library before faking, in order to avoid error
# "cannot load such file -- win32/resolv" when it is required later on.
# See also:
require 'resolv'
require 'rbconfig'

This has been introduced as a workaround but this indicates that the faking method cannot be generally applied.


Based on insights from the existing solutions, the problems here are:

  1. There is no way to tell the target RbConfig to mkmf without polluting the global RbConfig constant.
  2. There is no public API to retrieve the deployment target info, so existing extconf.rb assumes ::RbConfig is the one.


I propose adding those interfaces to mkmf:

  1. --target-rbconfig option to override the RbConfig used for generating Makefiles without replacing the global top-level RbConfig module.
  2. MakeMakefile::RbConfig constant to access the RbConfig for the target platform.
    By default, it's an alias of top-level RbConfig. If --target-rbconfig is given, it points to the specified RbConfig definition.
$ ruby extconf.rb --target-rbconfig=path/to/rbconfig.rb
require "mkmf"
  # Before:
  # "--host=#{RbConfig::CONFIG['host']}",

# Before:
case MakeMakefile::RbConfig::CONFIG['platform']
when /mswin|mingw|bccwin/
when /linux/

Extension library authors who want to support cross-compilation just need to replace their use of some constants in extconf.rb that assume the config describes the deployment target. Here is the list of faked constant variables and corresponding representations compatible with cross-compilation.

Before After (to make the ext x-compile ready)
RbConfig MakeMakefile::RbConfig
RUBY_PLATFORM MakeMakefile::RbConfig::CONFIG["platform"]
RUBY_VERSION MakeMakefile::RbConfig::expand("$(MAJOR).$(MINOR).$(TEENY)")
RUBY_DESCRIPTION No corresponding config entry


This is a completely additive change, so I expect there is no compatibility issues for existing extconf.rb.

Note that migrating RbConfig to MakeMakefile::RbConfig does not break existing faked RbConfig based cross-compilation because MakeMakefile::RbConfig is an alias of ::RbConfig by default and it's the faked config describing the deployment target in this scenario.

Also extension library authors who want to support cross-compilation and want to keep build with older Ruby before this change can include the following snippet at the beginning of extconf.rb:

MakeMakefile::RbConfig ||= RbConfig


Literally a few lines of changes:


I ported nokogiri gem, which has 1k lines of extconf.rb and several platform specific branches, to WebAssembly/WASI with this change, and the new API was enough to satisfy the cross-compilation scenario.

Updated by mdalessio (Mike Dalessio) 2 months ago

I ported nokogiri gem to WebAssembly/WASI with this change

Can you share a pointer to this code? As a maintainer of Nokogiri and of rake-compiler-dock I'm very interested in seeing how this might simplify the toolchain.

Updated by katei (Yuta Saito) 2 months ago ยท Edited

Here are patches for Nokogiri and rake-compiler:

We can remove fake.rb and modification on mkmf.rb for versions with --target-rbconfig.

Updated by mdalessio (Mike Dalessio) 2 months ago

These patches are very small and focused, this makes a lot of sense to me.

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 2 months ago

It seems ambiguous when multiple --target-rbconfig options are given.
Your patch uses the first one and leaves the rest.
I think all options should be removed, and which would be preferable?

  1. load the first one only
  2. load the last one only
  3. load all files sequentially

Updated by katei (Yuta Saito) 2 months ago

It seems ambiguous when multiple --target-rbconfig options are given.

Nice catch, I prefer to respect the last one only to allow it to be overridden by trailing arguments.

Updated by nobu (Nobuyoshi Nakada) 2 months ago

Code to load the last one only.

  target_rbconfig = nil
  ARGV.delete_if do |arg|
    unless (opt = arg.delete_prefix("--target-rbconfig=")) == arg
      target_rbconfig = opt
  if target_rbconfig
    # Load the RbConfig for the target platform into this module.
    # Cross-compiling needs the same version of Ruby.
    Kernel.load target_rbconfig, self
    # The RbConfig for the target platform where the built extension runs.
    RbConfig = ::RbConfig

Updated by matz (Yukihiro Matsumoto) 2 months ago

Sounds nice. Go ahead.


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[Feature #20345] Add --target-rbconfig option to mkmf

Introduce a new mkmf option --target-rbconfig to specify the RbConfig
file for the deployment target platform. This option is useful for
cross-compiling Ruby extensions without faking the global top-level
RbConfig constant.


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