Feature #6975

Changing UID/GID when calling spawn/popen

Added by vihai (Daniele Orlandi) about 8 years ago. Updated over 7 years ago.

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If I am not wrong it seems that there is no way to properly drop all privileges when spawning a process with spawn/popen.

AFAIK, proper privilege dropping should be done after the fork() and before the exec() and there doesn't seem to be such functionality neither an hook like Python has.


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Here is a patch

But I have no ideas how to test this feature.

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posix_spawn has an option to dropping privileges: POSIX_SPAWN_RESETIDS

I guess primitive setuid/setgid is too generic for this use case.


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This issue was solved with changeset r37124.
Daniele, thank you for reporting this issue.
Your contribution to Ruby is greatly appreciated.
May Ruby be with you.

process.c: uid gid exec options

  • process.c (rb_execarg_addopt, rb_execarg_run_options): add :uid and :gid options. [ruby-core:47414] [Feature #6975]

Updated by vihai (Daniele Orlandi) over 7 years ago

Thank you very much!

However it would useful and recommendable if spawn could also initialize additional groups, either directly via setgroups(2) or via initgroups(3)

Do you agree?
Should I create a new feature request?

Updated by kosaki (Motohiro KOSAKI) over 7 years ago

Should I create a new feature request?

Yes, please make another ticket.

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