Bug #8178


Added by Joseph Coyle over 2 years ago. Updated 3 months ago.

ruby -v:ruby 2.1.0dev (2013-03-28 trunk 39971) [x86_64-darwin11.4.2] Backport:


The instance method OpenSSL::PKCS7::SignerInfo.name does not return the signing certificate name but the X509 name of the signer's issuer. This is because SignerInfo.name is actually an alias of SignerInfo.issuer. This appears to be a mistake particularly because OpenSSL::PKCS7::RecepientInfo doesn't have a corresponding name method.

Perhaps OpenSSL::PKCS7::SignerInfo.name should be considered for removal since the method name is misleading.


#1 Updated by Martin Bosslet over 2 years ago

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#2 Updated by Joseph Coyle over 2 years ago

Because of this bug I have been looking at why it is so difficult to get useful identifying info for pkcs7 signers. I see that OpenSSL provides a utility function to extract a certificate from a pkcs7 message corresponding to a supplied signer info struct called PKCS7_cert_from_signer_info.

Unfortunately due to OpenSSL closely following the pkcs7 data structures SignerInfo structs do not appear to contain the certificate or name of the signing certificate. Because of this PKCS7_cert_from_signer_info requires both a pkcs7 message and a signerInfo struct to provide the signer certificates.

However if we wish to follow the design decisions of OpenSSL it is fairly easy to construct a utility method for OpenSSL::PKCS7 that takes a SignerInfo object and outputs the corresponding certificate. I have written a basic demonstration in this commit: https://github.com/Jacob640/ruby/commit/10e5f0b74cd08ee23f2b6643a7f86a6dbec857c1

#3 Updated by Martin Bosslet over 2 years ago

I agree that SignerInfo#name is misleading. It should be easier to get the relevant information, I'll consider your proposal and will think about other ways to improve the API!

#4 Updated by Hiroshi SHIBATA almost 2 years ago

  • Target version changed from 2.1.0 to current: 2.2.0

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