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Added by zzak (Zachary Scott) about 7 years ago. Updated about 7 years ago.

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As documentation maintainer, I've decided we will move the README to markdown format and use the '.md' extension.

This change will take effect after the release of 2.1.0

I've outlined my reasoning:

  • RDoc now has a built-in markdown parser, writing markdown is much easier
  • This change will encourage contributors who are able to read and write markdown
  • Github is a large source of new contributors, this change will improve README formatting on github

I will need assistance converting the existing Japanese README.ja to markdown format, any help here is appreciated! Please raise your hand if you'd like to help with the conversion.

Updated by matsuda (Akira Matsuda) about 7 years ago

zzak (Zachary Scott) Doesn't this just work?
ruby -rrdoc -e "puts'README.ja'))"

Updated by zzak (Zachary Scott) about 7 years ago

matsuda (Akira Matsuda) Yes, this should work. Good suggestion!

I would still like someone (native japanese) to verify its correctness.

Updated by zzak (Zachary Scott) about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Assigned to Closed
  • % Done changed from 0 to 100

Applied in changeset r44684.

  • README -> [DOC] Format README with Markdown [Bug #9255]
  • README.ja -> ditto

Updated by usa (Usaku NAKAMURA) about 7 years ago

  • Backport changed from 1.9.3: UNKNOWN, 2.0.0: UNKNOWN to 1.9.3: DONTNEED, 2.0.0: UNKNOWN

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