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Enchance MatchData docs

Added by zverok (Victor Shepelev) 13 days ago. Updated 13 days ago.



The wording is changed from stating something like "This is (unimporant) helper, which is a wrapper for (primary) global variables" more to the "This is (primary) regexp matching result, which also (eventually) related to global variables".

Explanations expanded and several code examples added to the class description.

match-data-docs.patch (2.77 KB) match-data-docs.patch zverok (Victor Shepelev), 02/05/2018 05:51 PM


#1 [ruby-core:85413] Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) 13 days ago

Actually your wording seems a bit more complicated than the original one to
me. Or perhaps I got used to the succinct japanese-english style already. :D

The content "It encapsulates all the results of a pattern match, results
normally accessed through the special variables $&, $',
$`, $1, $2, and so on." seems to
be gone or reworded and moved below (but mostly appears to be gone; aside
from the new overview at the bottom).

I agree with the examples listed though including the section "Global
variables equivalence". (I guess that was one way for you to re-group
the documentation, and I agree with that part of the patch - it seems
more logical.)

So the only part is the intro - perhaps the intro could still include
a reference to the old "results normally accessed through the special
variable" part? With the overview appearing lateron. At any rate,
this is just an opinion, feel free to ignore it - improving ruby's
documentation is always good and should in general be encouraged,
so consider my comment here more as an attempt of encouragement than
anything else, please.

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