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Enhance Proc docs

Added by zverok (Victor Shepelev) about 6 years ago. Updated over 5 years ago.


What caught me recently while mentoring students: there is almost no "canonical" explanation about procs in Ruby's core docs: Nothing in doc/*.rdoc, and for the Proc class, documentation of what it is and what it does is pretty spartan.

I am trying to fix this by adding to Proc class header documentation.
Things added:

  1. More friendly and detailed explanation of the whole concept.
  2. Different methods of creating lambda and non-lambda procs.
  3. Lambda semantics.
  4. Conversion to proc from other objects and &.

About (3): currently, Proc docs do have an explanation about it, but there are two problems:

  • it all placed in docs for predicate method #lambda? (like nobody should be interested in the concept unless uses this method);
  • from my perspective, it uses pretty unfortunate wording: instead of talking about proc object semantics, it calls non-lambdas behavior "tricks", and informally tells about "procs with tricks"/"procs without tricks".

If my class documentation would be accepted, I propose to cut the explanations in #lambda? method down to a one-liner ("If the proc has lambda semantics. See class docs for an explanation about lambdas." or something like that.)


proc_docs.patch (6.41 KB) proc_docs.patch zverok (Victor Shepelev), 03/16/2018 11:09 AM

Updated by shevegen (Robert A. Heiler) about 6 years ago


If my class documentation would be accepted,

You added a lot more examples too if I understand the patch
correctly, so I guess it is better than the old status quo.

The old status quo did not have ... a lot of examples, which
is not good. Examples help a LOT. They are often easier to
understand than any wall of text - if they work that is. :)

And there was also some more documentation added about Symbols
versus Strings in ruby by ... (I forgot the name, i am so
sorry) some ruby hacker. So I think it is quite likely that
the patch will be added.

The only remark I have to make is that I think the old intro is
a bit better.

E. g.:

"Proc objects are blocks of code that have been bound to
a set of local variables."


"Proc object is an incapsulation of a block of code, that can be
stored in local variables, passed to methods and other procs and

Actually I think I just noticed a typo in your patch. :)

"+Proc+ object is an incapsulation of a block of code, that can
be stored in local variables, passed to methods and other procs
and called."

The part "and called" seems a bit odd. I assume you refer to
"called in another proc"?

Anyway. The above are mostly just details; it's not as if the
old documentation is perfect either. ;)

Some other changes I'd suggest would be e. g.:

"You can tell lambda from regular proc by #lambda? instance method."


"A lambda can be distinguished from a regular proc object by the #lambda? instance method. Example:"

And a single-line example.

Anyway, I agree with your statements above, so my comment should be
seen as suggestions to +1 to your patch. In general the ruby docs
are an area where a lot of things can be made better, so it's great
that people such as you help improve these parts of ruby.

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Sorry, is it possible to have this merged before 2.6 release? What can I do for it?..

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I'll try to have a look at it later today or tomorrow.

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Enhance Proc docs [Misc #14610]

From: Victor Shepelev


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