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Thread selector for flexible cooperative fiber based concurrency

Added by ioquatix (Samuel Williams) almost 3 years ago. Updated 11 months ago.

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Ruby concurrency can be greatly enhanced by concurrent, deterministic IO.

Fibers have been shown many times to be a great abstraction for this purpose. The retain normal code flow and don't require any kind of Thread synchronisation. They are enjoyable to write code with because you don't have to concern yourself with thread synchronisation or other complicated issues.

The basic idea is that if some operation would block, it yields the Fiber, and other Fibers within the thread can continue to execute.

There are a number of ways to implement this. Here is a proof of concept to amend the existing rb_io_wait_readable/rb_io_wait_writable.

This design minimally affects the Ruby implementation and allows flexibility for selector implementation. With a small amount of work, we can support EventMachine (65 million downloads), NIO4r (21 million downloads). It would be trivial to back port.

This PR isn't complete but I am seeking feedback. If it's a good idea, I will do my best to see it through to completion, including support for EventMachine and NIO4r.


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