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Quoted Label Form for 1.9 Hashes

Added by adgar (Michael Edgar) about 11 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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As discussed in the "Shorthand Hash Syntax for Strings" thread/feature request, several (including Matz) expressed interest in a parallel quoted form for the 1.9 label syntax:

{ foo: bar }
{ 'only-19': true }

x = "hello"
{ "#{x}-world": }

This personally has come up for me with the new syntax: especially when dealing with command-line options, which often use hyphens, the quoted symbol form is necessary. Not being able to use the new syntax results in funny-looking hashes:

{ foo: bar, baz: qux, :'abc-def' => 1 }

I've attached a patch implementing this change. It allows a colon to follow single-quoted or double-quoted string literals to form a symbol key much like the label syntax introduced in 1.9. The examples listed at the start of this post all work fine. It introduces a new token - tLABEL_END - which replaces tSTRING_END when closing a symbol-label-literal. It introduces a single new grammar production for assoc, which is nearly purely syntactic sugar for the dsym grammar production; I've extracted dsym's implementation to a separate helper function, which is called from the dsym production and from the new label-style production.

I will immediately attach a new passing test for test_hash.rb in a followup post, once this has a feature # and ruby-core thread assigned to it.

NB: By removing the quote check on line 6580, one can make this feature work with any string literal (like "{ %q/foo-bar/: baz}", obviously doesn't work with heredocs) - I personally find this to be silly and inconsistent with the existing symbol syntax. Though it was fun to play with for a bit.


label_patch.diff (4.07 KB) label_patch.diff Implementation adgar (Michael Edgar), 06/27/2011 11:28 AM
label_test.diff (541 Bytes) label_test.diff Test for the implementation of this feature. adgar (Michael Edgar), 06/27/2011 11:31 AM

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