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Allow WEBrick::HTTPResponse to send IO-duck-typed bodies

Added by regularfry (Alex Young) almost 10 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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WEBrick::HTTPResponse currently type-checks for IO to determine how to transfer content to the outgoing socket. Because of this, it's not possible to use "IO-like" objects as data sources unless they specifically inherit from IO.

The interface HTTPResponse requires from its body objects is very simple: it only calls #read and #close, and optionally #bytesize. This means that the type-check is needlessly strict, and prevents custom objects from being used as data sources. The attached patch removes the type-check on IO, allowing duck-typed objects to be used.

The downside to this patch is that you can't pass in objects that duck-type to String's interface. It wouldn't be hard to remove that restriction if necessary, but I figured this was the less intrusive approach.


httpresponse.patch (2.76 KB) httpresponse.patch regularfry (Alex Young), 12/20/2011 02:02 AM

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) over 9 years ago

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It is trivial, and the patch looks good to me.
I'll commit it unless there is objection.

Yusuke Endoh

Updated by nahi (Hiroshi Nakamura) over 9 years ago

Yusuke, you may want to assign it to me (maintainer)
I think it's good to improve, but not yet checked the patch...

Updated by mame (Yusuke Endoh) over 9 years ago

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You have control.

Yusuke Endoh

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Blame NaHi!

Yusuke Endoh

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normalperson (Eric Wong), could you handle this ticket?


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